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Vantage Point Consulting (Columbus, Ohio) reviews the brand manager position within the company’s corporate structure. For more information on Vantage Point Consulting Columbus Ohio, please visit

Vantage Point Consulting Inc Columbus

Vantage Point Consulting ColumbusThe entry level job at Vantage Point Consulting Columbus is a challenging, fast-paced, and dynamic position. While most entry level jobs are less than desirable, Vantage Point Consulting jobs focus on development of an individual’s skillset…not just filling some menial duty.

Due to the expansion and additional exposure to Fortune 500 clients, Vantage Point Consulting is looking to hire additional Brand Managers to add to our already rock-star team. We at Vantage Point Consulting Inc are looking for individuals located in the immediate Columbus, Ohio area who wish to launch their career in the exciting sales and marketing industry. Ideal individuals for this entry level position include people with customer service skills, great attitudes, and communication. These individuals can grow extremely quickly within Vantage Point Consulting Inc’s corporate structure.

Vantage Point Consulting Inc (Columbus, Ohio) is focused on providing consistent results for the company’s clients, customers, and future managing partners. Through a strong desire to help brand managers achieve their individual goals, Vantage Point Consulting Columbus drives sales, as well as company morale and employee development. By continuing to uphold high standards and expectations, Vantage Point consultants in Columbus, OH encourage new and repeat business opportunities which guarantee continued growth to the company.

Vantage Point Consulting Columbus Brand Managers are involved in one-on-one sales-based personal interactions with customers. We at Vantage Point Consulting Columbus believe that the personal touch brings a better long-term and brand loyal customer than traditional channels of marketing communications i.e. email, telemarketing, direct mail, etc.

Vantage Point Consulting Columbus Expansion Plans

After Vantage Point Consulting Columbus reaches a certain predetermined saturation level, the company will add another Fortune 500 client to its portfolio. Managers of these new campaigns will have been thoroughly field tested and will be ready to be the point of contact in aspects of campaign management.

The reach of Vantage Point Consulting throughout the Columbus area extends throughout the entire Columbus metropolitan area. While saturation levels put a cap on other sales and marketing companies, Vantage Point Consulting Columbus saturation levels have little to no effect on the growth of the company. It’s simple. Once the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area reaches this predetermined saturation levels, Vantage Point adds another client.

Vantage Point Consulting Inc (Columbus, Ohio)


About Vantage Point Consulting

Vantage Point Consulting Columbus OH services national clients and delivers in-person representation, customer retention, and sales in the Columbus OH metropolitan area. Vantage Point Consulting | Columbus, OH | (614)-885-6300
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